John Heath's Philosophy
  • Students should be allowed to progress at their own pace.

  • The most important job of the instructor is to keep the student interested in learning.

  • Various methods are employed to maximize the students learning and enjoyment.  The Faber method is especially effective and is used most often.

  • Students are encouraged to play classical as well as pop and jazz. This gives them an appreciation for not only various styles, but also a view of the historical development of music.

  • Ultimately, students will choose the pieces they want to learn. This nurtures their passion for learning. 

  • Note reading, piano technique theory and  rhythm exercises are given on a weekly basis in order to develop a solid musical foundation.  Once a student has this foundation, they can apply it to any instrument they want to learn.

  • Practice is an essential part of becoming proficient.  Students should practice their assignments at least 5 times during the week between lessons.